Colombia has been misspelled for years in newspapers, magazines, books, online and Australians were not the exception. It happened to us so many times here in Melbourne, where we live, so we decided to do something to try to change this trend.


We printed a couple of t-shirts with the sentence “IT’S COLOMBIA NOT COLUMBIA”. Surprisingly it became an instant success and we started to sell them to friends and friends of our friends.


We received some feedback regarding the high quality of the T-shirts and prints. In that way, the rumour of two Colombians doing tees inspired in the Latin culture was spread and at the point, we started to receive more and more orders with different types of designs. This was how LaTshirt was born in 2020.


However, LaTshirt is more than just a spelling campaign or clothing brand. It is a movement set out to showcase the best of Latin America which is the most fun and adventurous place you can find in the world.